Atividade de Vocabulário - New Internet Law Debated

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Atividade de Vocabulario - Internet Law

Atividade de Ingles com foco em vocabulário - New Internet Law Debated


Brazil's congress has been considering a new internet law for about two years, but it has now been fast-tracked in the wake of the NSA spying scandal. The bill is meant to provide users with privacy rights and protect free speech, but an amendment to it, added after the scandal, might leave Brazilians with a sub-standard version of the web. This is a concern, since the proportion of the Brazilian population online is growing rapidly.

The Marco Civil da Internet bill has been making it's way through Congress for about two years, but it's received added “constitutional urgency” by President Rousseff in the aftermath of the spying scandal. This means the bill must be debated before all other congressional business. The bill enshrines privacy rights and free speech while banning internet service providers from prioritizing different types of content.

During the rush to get the bill through, a new amendment has been added to the bill, by President Rousseff and some believe it could lead to a sub-standard internet in Brazil. The amendment would make it necessary for service providers to store all Brazilian customer data physically inside Brazil. For many services, such as cloud services, this may prove too costly for providers and they could pull out of Brazil entirely, leaving the country behind in the internet age.

With the amount of internet users in Brazil increasing, this may hinder the growth of the country, both economically and socially. Some also worry that the new legislation will encourage other countries, with less of a focus on freedom of speech, to take similar actions to stifle opposition.

Match the article's words with thier meaning - Level: Difficult

1) fast-tracked               A) addition/change to legislation
2) in the wake of           B) inspire/embolden
3) bill                             C) result of a negative event
4) amendment              D) given priority
5) aftermath                 E) leave/quit
6) enshrines                 F) block/frustrate
7) pull out                    G) piece of legislation
8) hinder                      H) makes of utmost importance
9) encourage               I) quiet/silence
10) stifle                      J) following


Answer Key: 1) D, 2) J, 3) G, 4) A, 5) C, 6) H, 7) E, 8) F, 9) B, 10) I